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Kate Bosworth blown away by Julianne Moore

Kate Bosworth is inspired by Julianne Moore's "playful" side.

The stars appeared in drama Still Alice together, which saw Julianne pick up the Oscar for best actress this year.

Kate, 32, has known Julianne since she was a teenager and cites the 54-year-old as one of the most influential people she's come across in her career.

"I've known Julie for years," she smiled to British newspaper Metro. "We worked with Revlon together, when I was 19 years old, and that's where I first met her. From her patience to her drive for her family... all the choices that she's made have been ones that I admire. And she's so normal, funny and playful."

But Julianne isn't the only important person Kate met at work - in 2011 she was introduced to her husband, director Michael Polish, when they worked on film Big Sur together.

Through Michael, Kate rediscovered her drive and love of acting.

"Oh, totally. So much of it is: Where are you at the moment? Who is representing you? Who knows who? It's all a game of politics at the end of the day. Are you in the right place at the right time with the right people?" she admitted of the industry.

"I just felt like I was falling out of love with the profession a little bit. Meeting Michael... that reinvigorated my desire to keep going."

Kate and Michael married in 2013 and worked on new film Amnesiac together, a dramatic horror about a man suffering memory loss after an accident. Michael directs, while Kate takes on the role of Woman.

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