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Kate Hudson: My kids have coolest granddad

Kate Hudson has been astounded by Kurt Russell's take on grandparenting.

The actress is mother to two sons, ten-year-old Ryder with her ex-husband Chris Robinson and Bingham, two, with her fiancé Matt Bellamy.

The 35-year-old star was raised by her mother Goldie Hawn and her long-term partner Kurt, who has surprised Kate with his attitude towards her boys.

"Well, my Pa is a revelation. When my brothers Oliver and Wyatt and I were growing up, he was a real tough, strong dad - he was loving and affectionate but he was also really strict," she recalled to British magazine Hello!. "With his grandchildren, he's the exact opposite. He spoils them about everything from food to staying up late. He loved being the cool granddad."

That's not to say Kate had a difficult upbringing, more her parents encouraged her to treat people properly and ensured she always knew there were boundaries. She is taking much the same stance now she's a mother, especially as she appreciated how little pressure her parents put on her in terms of career aspirations.

"They were very non-judgemental, which I appreciated. OK, Pa was strict about discipline but neither of them had an expectation of who we were supposed to be based on the things that they had done or believed," she recalled. "It was about us being kind and generous true to ourselves. That's definitely something I want to pass on to my own kids. I want them to appreciate their own individuality instead of feeling they have to follow in their fathers' or my footsteps."

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