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Kate Mara: Being private makes sense

Kate Mara has revealed there was a lot of joking around on the Fantastic Four set due to the intensity of the movie.

The House of Cards actress is no stranger to the big or small screen, but away from work she values her private life.

Kate also thinks not over sharing makes her performances more believable.

"It’s so simple to me, because as an actor your job is to convince people you are someone else, and it’s harder to do that when people know a lot about who you are and what you do on a Saturday. I’m a private person, but I’m a very open person when it comes to my inner circle," Kate told Flare magazine.

This doesn't mean the 32-year-old doesn't like to talk to the press; it's just she prefers to chat about work.

Kate has a packed schedule at the moment, which includes the latest reboot of Fantastic Four.

Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell co-star, and Kate says there was always a lot of fun to be had on set.

"The movie is very intense, so the set was an intense environment. But because of our dynamic, there was a lot of joking around. When you’re having to emote a certain kind of energy and vibe all day, you need to joke around to let off some steam," she smiled.

"I screen-tested with Mike and Miles, and for Mike and I, because we play siblings, it was so obvious how comfortable we were with each other. And Miles is a really fantastic actor as well; bantering with him was awesome.”

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