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Kate Moss champagne tower fears

Kate Moss' wedding caterers were terrified their champagne tower would collapse on her.

The supermodel married rocker Jamie Hince in July 2011 and had set ideas about how she wanted to celebrate. She asked catering company Cellar Society to create a structure of champagne glasses and they were happy to oblige.

"Once it was built we had to work out how we were going to unbuild it to hand people champagne. I was very nervous on the day, because if you screw up in front of an audience like that, it's game over," managing director of the firm Bertie de Rougemont told British newspaper The Telegraph. "I thought, if this thing goes, we'll take out Kate, Jamie, Mario [Testino, photographer on the day] and whoever else."

The company had never created a tower from champagne glasses before. They took their time to source the correct flutes to ensure the structure was secure and straight.

In the end, 500 champagne glasses were used and 360 bottles of the fizzy drink poured into them in front of guests.

It went down a storm with the 300 guests at the wedding.

"I've seen some serious guest lists in my time but that one was just absurd," Bertie recalled. "Basically, there wasn't anyone vaguely mortal."

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