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Kate Winslet: I believe in marriage

Kate Winslet still believes in the "beauty" of marriage.

The actress has two children with her former husbands; a daughter with Jim Threapleton and a son with Sam Mendes.

She is currently in a relationship with Sir Richard Branson's nephew Ned Rocknroll.

Kate says despite her failed past relationships, she still believes in marriage.

"I still believe in the beauty of committing yourself to another person and, at least, in the idea of marriage as an expression of that commitment," she explained.

"Living with someone will always be a challenge, but you hope to be able to find someone whom you can spend the rest of your days."

Kate is happy with her current status. The British beauty says she is lucky to have such great support around her.

"I've never felt better. I'm very happy with the work I've been doing and I'm enjoying my time with my children, who meant the world to me. It's not the easiest situation being a single mother, but Sam has been very good in helping me with our children," she told the British edition of OK! magazine.

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