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Kate Winslet on 'cow' pretence

Kate Winslet wanted to appear tough on the set of Divergent, but ended up being “Auntie Kate” to all the younger stars.

The Titanic star is known for her loveable nature and is often praised by the people she works with. In her latest venture, fantasy flick Divergent, she plays baddie Jeanine and the 38-year-old relished the chance to appear tough.

“I have to say, I was helped a bit by the nature of the role and coming to the shoot towards the end; I was this grand finale,” she smiled to British TV show Daybreak. “I did notice that a few of the younger actors seemed a bit intimidated, and for a few days I thought, ‘Oh, OK, I’ll let you think I’m a complete cow,’ and go down the method route, which isn’t normal for me!

“But for the first couple of days, I think they were quite scared. I thought, ‘I will go with that!’ By the end, they were all crying on my shoulder and I’m going, ‘Come on, darling. It’s OK, come to Auntie Kate!’”

The actress recently had her amazing career celebrated with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To ease her nerves, the star focused on her appearance at the event, but wishes she’d opted for a more practical outfit.

“I went into this mode of, ‘I know what I’m wearing, I know where I have to be,’ and I just didn’t really absorb what type of an event it was going to be; there were so many people. It was a big deal and nice speeches were made,” she recalled. “But when the photographers said, ‘We’d like you to sit on the floor and put your hands close to the star,’ I thought, ‘How am I going to do this, in this ridiculously tight dress?’ I felt like a sausage. Somehow you just keep your legs together and slither to the floor.”

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