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Katherine Heigl is 'serial monogamist'

Katherine Heigl is unable to "sexually connect" with men other than her husband.

The Wedding actress and spouse Josh Kelley have been married since 2007.

Katherine is not at all interested in being romantically involved with other men.

"I have no desire to physically hook up with any man other than my husband and have been a serial monogamist from the moment of my first serious relationship at 20," Katherine wrote in an iVillage blog post. "I have never been able to connect with a man sexually without it becoming emotional, without giving a piece of my heart and soul to that connection. (sic)"

Katherine does not denigrate women who have multiple sexual partners. She respects their choice to make love with whomever they desire.

"[I've] always loved the idea of Samantha on Sex and the City, but it just isn't how I'm built," the star explained.

Katherine admits that her thoughts wander at times, but she simply does not have the energy to be in more than one relationship.

"I understand that every human being on earth wonders if the grass might be greener in other pastures, but I could never imagine myself really going there or really wanting to," Katherine noted. "I guess the relationship I'm in is so consuming that the idea of a dalliance with another man sounds exhausting. It's hard enough to make one connection work. I can't imagine, even for four days, splitting myself between two!"

The Wedding will be released in autumn this year.

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