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Katherine Heigl: Pooch is fascinated with daughter

Katherine Heigl's pet dog is "obsessed" with her baby girl.

The actress has been speaking about her busy household, which contains two young children and seven dogs, as well as Katherine and her husband Josh Kelley. The star has revealed that her hound Oscar is very protective of Katherine's adopted child Adalaide.

"[Oscar] is kind of obsessed with the baby. She'll sit in her bouncy seat and he'll kind of come over, tail-wagging, and just lick her entire face," she told People. "It's one of those things where you're like OK that's fine once, but now you need to move away from the baby."

The 34-year-old animal lover has a real soft spot for dogs, having adopted a series of canines. She also runs the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation with her mom Nancy, to raise awareness about the overpopulation problem of dogs in Los Angeles.

Katherine's house can be a little chaotic at times, with her daughters and pets wandering around.

"Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that," she laughed. "I really love these dogs, but it's a lot with two little kids."

Katherine is looking forward to spending Christmas at home with her family - which also includes her four-year-old adopted daughter Naleigh.

The former Grey's Anatomy actress loves the holiday season and is splashing out on a host of special gifts for her kids. However, Katherine insists she won't be wrapping anything up for her pampered pooches.

"[The dogs] get maybe a few treats, but they don't get like gifts or anything," she smiled. "Naleigh's at this fantastic age where Christmas is something she looks forward to and totally gets now… It's pretty much my favourite time of year so I'm really just revelling in it and enjoying it."

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