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Katherine Jackson's custody drama a 'smokescreen'

Katherine Jackson's guardianship drama is reportedly a cover up to "take the focus off the will situation."

The 82-year-old matriarch lost custody of her late son Michael's three children - Paris, Prince and Blanket - with temporary charge being bestowed on the siblings' cousin TJ Jackson. While vacationing at an Arizona spa, Katherine was reported missing by family members as Paris and Prince expressed their concern over their lack of contact with their grandmother.

Trent Jackson - the nephew of Michael's father Joe Jackson - had been looking after Katherine and the children before she left. There has been speculation he has been behind many of the problems of the last week.

"[This is all a] smokescreen [to divert attention from Michael's] fraudulent will," a source told X17 Online.

"This was all in an effort to take the focus off the will situation. A felony has been committed. The people responsible know they're in trouble. We're not letting up"

According to the website, Katherine has now fired Trent and her security detail.

The octogenarian's legal team is also preparing to battle to reinstate her guardianship.

"I am preparing paperwork as we speak," Katherine's attorney Perry Sanders Jr. confirmed.

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