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Katherine Jenkins talks costume 'sabotage'

Katherine Jenkins has joked that her outfits are being "sabotaged" on Dancing with the Stars.

The Welsh opera star is competing on the latest season of the US TV show. Katherine has been one of the standout celebrities so far, and she fears her competitors are eager to gain ground.

The star suffered a wardrobe malfunction on Monday night's show. Her trousers were supposed to be removed during the routine - but one leg got stuck.

"It was a disaster. When the guys ripped my outfit off, it's perfectly in half so I thought it had gone really smoothly, and then I look down and...," Katherine told ET. "I don't even know how it's worked that half a trouser leg is still there. It doesn't make any sense. We think it was sabotaged."

The 31-year-old blonde admits she was left shaken by the incident. However, she did her best to remain composed on the dance floor.

She and her dance partners were able to pull the remaining trouser leg off and made it look like it was part of the routine.

"We carried on. I might have looked like I was in control but underneath I was screaming," the beauty added. "I think we all were."

Actor-and-singer Roshon Fegan's dance partner Chelsie Hightower also suffered problems with her costume.

Chelsie was left shocked when she realised her dress had torn during their routine.

"I was just dancing like crazy and I ripped my dress. I actually don't know when it happened," she explained.

Two stars will be eliminated from the competition during tonight's results show.

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