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Katie Holmes: I'd dine with fan

Katie Holmes is happy to talk to fans if they want to, even when she's out eating.

The 35-year-old actress has been in the spotlight since the 90s, and she remains best known for appearing in TV show Dawson's Creek. Her marriage to Tom Cruise, which ended in 2012, has also brought her fame, although Katie insists she can still live a normal life.

"No, it's fine. I go out with friends; we go wherever we want. I don't really worry about it. And if anybody wants to talk to me in a restaurant, I'll talk to them. I'll maybe even sit down and have dinner with them," she told Hello! magazine, and was then asked if that was something she had done in the past.

"Actually... no. But I'm not saying I wouldn't."

Katie and Tom are parents to eight-year-old daughter Suri, who is Katie's first priority when it comes to her career and personal life. She loves spending time with her mini me and they are often spotted enjoying days out, with Katie trying hard not to be too over protective. She doesn't always succeed, but she believes she balances things well.

"Any parent has to watch everything that is going on around her child and I think I am a little overprotective because I'm always the one saying, 'Watch out, there's a car...' I try to be as informed as possible in terms of looking and listening to what's going on, and getting to know my child's friends," she explained. "Suri is little, so I haven't got to the internet part of parenting - and believe me, I am happy to put that off for as long as possible - but I am monitoring TV and trying to keep her as innocent as I can got as long as possible."

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