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Katie Holmes: I'm making the Thanksgiving turkey

Katie Holmes isn't sure whether she'll be roasting her Thanksgiving turkey this year.

The annual American holiday falls on Thursday November 27 this year, and Katie is already busy preparing for the festivities. She will turn 36 next month and has finally decided she is old enough to step into the kitchen and whip up a feast for her family.

"I'm very excited because I'm the baby of five, and I've been using that for a long time but this year I'm taking responsibility and my mother's going to teach me how to make a turkey," she told US talk show host David Letterman. "I am going to pull the gizzards out."

Katie is mother to eight-year-old daughter Suri, whose father is her ex-husband Tom Cruise. It's not known if the tot will be with her mom for the special holiday, although several other members of her family will be. The Hollywood star was so excited at the prospect of preparing the dinner she has already put in an order for the turkey, although she's not sure if she got the size right.

"I went with 15lbs. Like six, is that too much?" she asked.

David gave her some culinary tips during the interview, trying to reassure her that she'd have no problem prepping the meal because turkey is so easy to cook. He then quizzed the star on how she was planning to prepare the bird, suggesting roasting was the way to go.

"Well I don't know - is that what you do?" Katie queried.

The host suggested it was the way most people stick with, although some push the envelope by opting for a deep fried dinner.

"Deep fried is so good," Katie sighed.

The actress has spoken about cooking in the past, admitting she would whip up cupcakes when she was married to Tom, while he would make the main pasta course.

"I don’t really cook that much - eventually I will," she told Glamour magazine in 2009. "I do make cupcakes. And [Tom] makes his pasta carbonara for me. He knows exactly how to do it: a pinch of this, a pinch of that. He has a recipe, but he also kind of [improvises] by himself. You have to do the egg at a certain time. He did it once when we were camping."

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