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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Katie Holmes ‘not planning to see Cruise’

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes allegedly feels no need to meet up with Tom Cruise as she "couldn't be happier" since they divorced.

The actor has been spending time in New York recently while promoting his latest movie Oblivion.

During his stay in the city, Tom also caught up with his daughter Suri, who recently turned seven.

While Suri is happy to have increased contact with her father following his split from her mother in 2011, Katie apparently isn’t planning to spend much time with him.

"The contrast between the two couldn't be greater, Tom has been in a bad place ever since she left him and has found refuge in his work. Katie's the opposite," sources revealed to British magazine Grazia about the former couple. "She couldn't be happier and, other than worrying about the lack of a father figure in Suri's life sometimes, she doesn't have a single regret."

Reports say that as well as wanting to spend more time with Suri, Tom has started to put the feelers out for a potential reunion with Katie. The Hollywood A-lister is allegedly keen to meet up with her to discuss unfinished business he feels they have.

"Tom wants them to go away together and spend quality time talking about what went wrong. Katie never told him why she was leaving and he has a lot of unresolved issues. But Katie is a strong woman who knows her mind. It took her so long to build up the courage to leave, there's no way she'll risk undoing all that now," the source continued.

"Tom's work schedule is a lot clearer now, so he'll be around more. But Katie is keen to keep contact with Tom to a minimum."

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