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Katie Holmes 'refocusing life'

Katie Holmes has come out from under a “dark cloud” and feels ready to enter a new phase of her life, it has been claimed.

The actress had to deal with the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise in 2012 and she also relocated to New York City with the couple’s six-year-old daughter Suri. Now Katie appears to be entering a new phase in her life, and recently showed off her sexier side in a campaign for H. Stern’s Iris jewellery collection.

Sources close to the star claim she is feeling happier and ready to move on from her painful divorce.

“It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it’s like she’s been reborn,” a source told British magazine Look. “Since last July, when her divorce from Tom came through, it’s like Katie’s been on autopilot. Her daughter came first and everything else – her heartbreak, her social life, her career – were all shoved to one side. Now Suri’s happily settled at school in New York and making friends, Katie’s had a chance to take care of herself and her needs for the first time. She took some life-balancing and confidence-boosting classes to remove the ‘negative toxic forces’ from her life. It’s really helped her come out from under that dark cloud.”

Katie is believed to be thrilled with the steamy shots for the jewellery campaign. In the images, the 34-year-old brunette poses topless with one arm covering her modesty as she smoulders in front of the camera.

“She’s finally over her marriage breakdown and seems ready to put herself back out there – emotionally and physically,” a source revealed. “And you can really tell. For a long time, Katie’s felt like a wife, then a mother, and then an unhappy wife – but never ‘sexy’. This new shoot with H. Stern must’ve been one of the scariest things she’s ever done, but it showed Katie can be sexy. It’s been a bit of a revelation and she’s really trying to embrace it.”

Although Katie has been linked to a series of men following her split from Tom, it has been claimed she isn’t in a rush to get into another relationship. Instead, the star has been spending time with Suri and her friends in New York.

“I don’t think Katie’s quite ready for dating yet,” an insider explained. “But she’s going out with friends so much more. Suri no longer needs all the attention she did just after her parents split, so Katie’s been shopping, having dinner in New York restaurants and taking trips to the theatre.”

Katie is also believed to be on civil terms with Tom. The pair are determined to have a good relationship so they can spend time with Suri whenever necessary.

“She and Tom have called a truce. It’s not been easy, but they know they have to be friends for Suri’s sake,” added the source. “Katie says there’ll never be anything romantic between them again, but it’s positive that they can be in the same room. Now, Katie can stay at Tom’s LA mansion – in separate rooms – when Suri’s visiting, so they can spend time with their daughter.”

“She’s always been very sporty, but divorce takes all that energy away from you. With all the stress she’s been going through, it meant Katie got pretty thin for a while. But now she’s feeling good again, and is back to her strong, healthy self… Everybody’s been complimenting her on how amazing she looks. It makes her feel like she can achieve anything she wants in life.”

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