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Katie Holmes: Suri and I teach each other

Katie Holmes wants to teach her daughter everything she's learned throughout her life.

The 35-year-old actress has eight-year-old Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. She has very set ideas about how she wants to raise the little girl, which means she doesn't just bark orders at her all the time.

"I feel a responsibility to impart some of the things that I've learned as I made my own way through life. But I think it's important as a part to remember that this person is a gift and she's also meant to inform me of some of the things that I've forgotten along the way," she told British magazine Hello!

"I set the disciplinary limits of course - bad words are prohibited - but on the whole, I try to listen more than talk."

Part of her parenting technique is to have a beautiful home for her daughter to spend time in. Katie chatted a little about her design aesthetic, revealing she is strangely obsessed with pretty chinaware. She thinks that comes from her upbringing, although at the moment she doesn't know if it's something Suri will pick up.

"I like a lot of colour so I have different colours in different rooms. I like bright spaces, antiques and covering my walls with pictures of family and friends," she explained.

"I also have a collection of dishes. I don't cook very much - only about once a week or so - but I do like a pretty table. My mom does amazing tables and I've always appreciated that. I suppose dishes are my thing. Weird, I know."

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