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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Katie Price has mystery illness

Katie Price has been in hospital with a mystery illness

Katie Price had to be put on a drip as the result of a mystery illness and will have an MRI scan on Christmas Eve.

The glamour model had been tweeting the progress of her illness, which ended with her updating her followers from hospital on Sunday morning.

Earlier in the week she tweeted: "Feeling sooo poorly still ,im just not getting better doctors again this morning :("

On Saturday night she shared: "Still soo poorly problem getting worse no meds are helping such s*** times :("

Things seemed to get worse for mum-of-four Katie, as on Sunday morning she tweeted: " Great in hospital on a drip."

A few hours later, she added: "Out of hos go back again in 48 hours mri scan had morning of needles my worst nightmare,time to concentrate on getting ready for christmas."

The date of the scan means that Katie, 35, will be back in hospital on Christmas Eve.

Many of her Twitter followers contacted her to ask what was wrong, but she didn't give any further details.

Katie has said in the past that she has a phobia of needles and after the birth of her son Jett in Spain earlier this year, she said of the injections she needed: "I was just scared of the needle! I have a big fear of them - but they couldn't understand because they couldn't speak English."

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