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Katy Perry 'gets custody of cat'

Katy Perry and Russell Brand agreed custody of their cat during a recent meeting.

The stars are getting divorced following 14 months of marriage and signed the papers on February 8.

Before that took place they apparently met up to discuss several things, with Katy travelling to Russell's new home in the Hollywood Hills.

"She took the cat they shared with her as she knew he'd want to see her, and he agreed she could have custody of the cat," a source told Grazia magazine. "Katy, understandably, was in tears. She gave Russell a hug and wished him luck with everything. She was trying to remain strong but burst out crying as soon as she got into the car and sobbed her heart out."

The couple had feline Krusty together, while Katy had pet Kitty Purry before she met Russell. He also has a pet cat called Morrissey.

It's also been suggested the singer took the opportunity to hand back some jewellery to Russell when they saw each other.

"It was a fairy short meeting. She gave her wedding ring back, said she couldn't bear to even look at it and wanted him to have it," the insider added. "Katy doesn't care about the cost. She needs to rid herself of it, and Russell can do what he likes with it."

There have been claims that Russell initially didn't want to meet with Katy after their split as he wanted to concentrate on moving forward.

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