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Katy Perry: I can't be sick on tour

Katy Perry eats well because she "can't afford" to be ill.

The singer was on her California Dreams world tour for most of last year and ensured she didn't gorge on too much junk food. Although she loves unhealthy treats, she feared they might impact her performance.

"Eating healthy is so important because I can't afford to get sick," she told People. "When I was on the road, it was very important to eat a balanced meal and to make sure my energy was up for every two-hour show."

The 27-year-old singer discussed the type of food she enjoys eating. On tour, she goes for nutritious and light options wherever possible.

"When I was on the road, I liked to have a light soup, a piece of grilled chicken and some quinoa with grilled asparagus for dinner," she explained.

"I always need my daily vitamins and I loved fresh-pressed juices and coconut water. I also love snacks, but pick healthier options like veggies and hummus, tangerines or Popchips."

Katy has recently become a spokesperson for Popchips, which are a healthy potato snack.

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