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Katy Perry: I'm a control freak

Katy Perry admits that she is "overly prepared" with her work.

The 27-year-old songstress does not leave her song composition to chance and is meticulous about planning.

Despite her enthusiastic preparation, Katy is often shocked by the way her songs play out in real life.

"I sit down and I write all these songs at once, all these emotions and feelings and thoughts, and then, like, it just feels like sometimes I'm caught in this movie where my life is paralleling my music!" Katy gushed to MTV News. "It seems very serendipitous, but, as un-fun as it sounds, I prepare everything. I'm overly prepared and kind of a control freak in the best of ways."

Newly-single Katy took to the stage at the Grammys recently to perform her latest track Part of Me. Many speculated that the song has been penned in light of her impending divorce from British comedian Russell Brand.

Katy actually wrote the track while she and Russell were passionate newlyweds.

"I wrote it two years ago, which is funny because everybody is like 'God, it sounds so current,' " Katy shared. "And some people that I work with were like 'You should just say you wrote it a couple of weeks ago.' I'm like 'I'm not a d**k, I'm going to tell the truth.' I wrote it two years ago when I was writing and recording Teenage Dream, [but] it didn't feel right on the record. I would've had to take out one of my other songs that [made the album] a nice, complete package."

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