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Katy Perry reveals date fears

Katy Perry has joked she'll "never date again" thanks to the "fart machine" in her new movie.

The songstress is promoting her big screen project Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, in which she documents life on the road and her personal struggles along the way.

Katy has joked that the candid nature of the fly-on-the-wall film might put people off her.

"There's so much to show. It's a behind the curtain movie, and I, of course, left in those parts where I'm not wearing make-up and there's a fart machine, and the opening part you think I'm letting them rip," she laughed in an interview with BBC Radio One.

"This is really personal. I hope you guys don't go to the bathroom at that point and then don't realise its coming from a computer. I'm never gonna date again!"

Katy also discussed which genre her big screen debut fits into. Dismissing the "rom-com" label jokingly suggested by the radio presenter, the 27-year-old star made up her own name.

"It would be an event. Can I make that a genre?" she questioned.

"It's got everything. It's not just a documentary. You get so much more than that. You get a lot of exclusive footage of me at 18, it's very strange."

Katy was speaking ahead of the film's premiere in London, UK, yesterday. The star teased that the weather is very different from her Californian home - and is glad she sometimes has the powers to bring the glorious sunshine with her.

"I love being in London [but] it's July and it's awful and it's depressing. I was here about two weeks ago and I played Wembley and the sun did come out and I was pretty impressed with my powers," she laughed.

"I heard if it rains on a special occasion its good luck and tonight is the premiere of the movie!"

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