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Katy Perry 'shows off cat pictures'

Katy Perry continually shows people pictures of her cat on her phone.

The American singer has been romantically linked to model Baptiste Giabiconi recently, although it's thought she has now ended the romance. Before the split, Baptiste discussed how down to earth Katy is.

"Katy's not this big, out-of-touch star, she's someone who you immediately feel as if you are friends with and have known for years. But what I love about her is that one minute she's discussing the Autumn/Winter Chanel collection and the next she's showing your pictures on her phone of the pet cat her brother looks after for her at home," he laughed to Look magazine.

Baptiste has previously said he finds Katy attractive and enjoyed getting to know her better. He knows how hard she finds it to confide in people.

"Katy is so much fun to be around. Whether she's sitting at a fashion show or in a café, she's always laughing. She's a lovely girl," he explained.

"She says she finds it very hard to trust new people and so I feel touched she's let me in and we're so close after such a short time."

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