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Katy Perry: Touring was life-changing

Katy Perry "learned so much" on her recent California Dreams tour.

The pop songstress is preparing to release a 3D concert-film which intimately documents her performances worldwide.

Katy is excited to share her authentic self with fans through this feature.

"That tour was so life-changing to me. I learned so much, I went through so much along the way," Katy gushed to MTV News. "I'm not necessarily trying to prove anything to anyone, but not only will people really hands-down know me after they see this film, but you'll see me as the Dorothy wearing the red ruby slipper and at the end of it all I'm the [Wizard of] Oz as well."

Katy is convinced that moviegoers will see her in ways that she hasn't shown the public before.

"It's closing the chapter on Teenage Dream, but it's giving you such an inside perspective," Katy explained. "This film, you're going to see it from my best friend/buddy perspective, you're going to see exactly what I mean and feel and think about everything."

Katy put a lot of effort into this film and knows audiences won't be disappointed.

"Listen, I've [worked on] most of this film for a very long time and the word 'cheap' was not in the vocabulary," she laughed. "But, hello, it's 3-D. You're going to get hit with a lot of s**t."

Katy Perry: Part of Me will be released this summer.

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