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Katy Perry ‘was always hustling’

Katy Perry has fondly recalled her days of playing shows on the Vans Warped Tour, America’s largest travelling music festival.

The 30-year-old songstress shot to international stardom after her hit song I Kissed a Girl was released in 2008 and ahead of achieving celebrity status she booked gigs playing festivals like America’s Vans Warped Tour.

In a “yearbook” given to artists who played the Warped Tour, Katy was voted the laziest, and she has laughed off that title.

“Someone voted me 'laziest' because they thought I was just sleeping in my bus because they never saw me," she smiled to USA Today. "The actual reality is, I was up at 7am doing radio promo and then going to dinner with programme directors after my shows. I was always hustling. Can you imagine being voted 'laziest?' Cut to eight years later, I'm doing a yearlong tour and 141 shows and counting."

Katy is currently performing shows on her The Prismatic World Tour.

The Warped Tour is known as a festival that features punk-rock and alternative bands primarily, so when the pop songstress played shows as part of the event, she felt the need to really bring her A-game.

"There's an intense level of confidence that sweeps over me and I can really command a stage, and back then, I could do it, too. I just had to. I had to fake it until I made it," she shared. "A lot of times you'd just find me hanging over the crowd, stage-diving and throwing myself into the pit. I was very involved in that kind of lifestyle."

Katy, who is a native Californian, still has a lot of love for rock ‘n’ roll culture.

"I still have a bit of that California punk-rock attitude always with me," she said. "I'm happy that my first tour was Warped Tour. I really got my bearings there."

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