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Saturday 25 April 2015

Kay comedy makes iPlayer debut

Peter Kay's new BBC sitcom will be shown on iPlayer before hitting TV screens
Peter Kay's new BBC sitcom will be shown on iPlayer before hitting TV screens

Comedian Peter Kay is to star in a new sitcom which will be the first BBC series to be shown in its entirety on catch-up service iPlayer before hitting television screens.

Car Share will feature the Bolton-born comic as a supermarket worker called John, thrown together with a female colleague in a company car share scheme.

The six-episode series, the first Kay sitcom for BBC One, is set in north-west England, where it will also be filmed.

Kay, 39, said: "To be finally working with the BBC on a new comedy is a great opportunity. And the idea of two people car sharing to work each day really appealed to me, as it highlights the comedy in the minutiae of the daily trek and allows the spiralling conversations of life to unwind in all of their glory."

BBC One controller Danny Cohen said: "It is hugely exciting that Peter Kay is coming to BBC One with his new series - even more so with the innovative plan we have to launch the show online."

Sian Gibson is to star as Kayleigh, Kay's co-worker at the large out-of-town store.

Shane Allen, the BBC's controller for comedy commissioning, said the sitcom would show Kay heading in "a more naturalistic comedy direction".

"It will be a nifty new addition to his incredible body of work and the way it is being launched is very canny," he added.

BBC bosses announced last week that they had commissioned their first original dramas, a series of six short films, specifically for the iPlayer. The BBC had previously screened comedy pilots and spin-offs from other shows exclusively on the online service.

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