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Kaya Scodelario's tearful shoot

Kaya Scodelario admits filming a drama can be pretty depressing.

The 21-year-old stars alongside Jessica Biel in indie drama The Truth About Emanuel.

She puts on an American accent for the part of a young girl who becomes obsessed with a woman who looks like her dead mother, but didn't keep it up the whole time because the subject matter of the film is so heavy.

"I went in and out. Personally, for me, you’re on a set with a certain amount of people for however long, and I like being able to connect with them all," Kaya explained to Collider.

"I liked being able to have a conversation with them, and take myself out of what could sometimes be really depressing shooting days. There were days where I was just crying from the morning until the night. I like to come out of it, in between takes. I can’t stay there constantly."

Kaya's break came in UK series Skins as the rebellious Effy Stonem.

Meeting A-lister Jessica was nerve-wracking for the star, but luckily it went well.

"I was really lucky, actually. Before I knew who had been cast, I was quite worried that they’d get a big celebrity who wouldn’t connect with me, or wouldn’t want to speak to me, or who was too busy worrying about what they looked like or what they were wearing," she admitted.

"But the second I met Jessica, she was a real person, straight away. There were no airs of grace about her. She’s very professional. She was very focused on this job, and she wanted to make me feel as comfortable as possible, which I thought was amazing of her. She had such a difficult part to play, but she still took the time, in between takes, to talk to me about my life, to reassure me, to answer some of my questions, and to give me some advice. It was the perfect relationship."

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