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Kazinsky: Nudity is empowering

Rob Kazinsky has vowed to be “damn well naked” on True Blood whenever it is called for.

The British star portrays vampire character Ben Flynn/Macklyn Warlow in US TV series True Blood, which is renowned for its raunchy scenes. He has stripped off for the show but insists he has no problem flashing his muscles.

“No. Nothing distracts me more in a film than a naked actor holding a conveniently-placed vase. So if my character’s naked, he’s damn well naked. It was very empowering,” he told British magazine Heat.

True Blood also stars Stephen Moyer, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten. All the men are seen in various states of undress in the programme, which is coming to an end after the seventh season next year.

The other actors are the only ones who make Rob self-conscious at times.

“You try,” he replied, when asked if he works out a lot. “But then you see Ryan and Joe Manganiello and you just cry in the corner eating doughnuts.”

Much of the nudity is because there are a great deal of romance scenes on True Blood. Far from being hot to shoot, Rob insists they are no different to other work he has done.

“Not even slightly. Any sex scene is incredibly mechanical. A sex scene with [co-star] Anna Paquin is no different to a regular scene with her,” he explained.

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