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Keanu questions The One's existence

Keanu Reeves doesn't feel any pressure to meet The One.

The 50-year-old actor hasn't had any long-term relationships since his girlfriend Jennifer Syme tragically passed away following a car accident in 2001.

He's had time to reflect on love and has decided he's unsure if The One is out there.

"Maybe she doesn't exist," he mused to German magazine Meins.

"It's all about having a relationship that works. Both partners have to be willing to put their selfishness aside. That's how you achieve intimacy, and your partner becomes your best friend, who you can trust with anything."

That's not to say Keanu has given up on finding love. He's happy with the people in his life and has a special appreciation for women.

"Of course it's nice to be in a relationship. But I'm used to being alone for years at a time. That doesn't mean I'm lonely - my friends give me the feeling of having a close bond with someone," he opened up.

"Women are puzzling creatures. That might be something that intimidates some men, but it's these differences that fascinate me. Women can read us men, while we are there asking, 'What's she thinking now?!'"

It's been a bizarre month for the star, who will begin filming movies Daughter of God and Passengers soon. TMZ recently reported a female intruder was found in the library of his home earlier this month. Just a day later a second woman is alleged to have sneaked onto his property and skinny-dipped in the pool.

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