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Ke$ha: Online pee disses make me anxious

Ke$ha reveals she avoids internet criticism about her wild behaviour on her six-episode MTV documentary My Crazy Beautiful Life because the comments make her anxious.

The Warrior singer recently aired her six-episode documentary My Crazy Beautiful Life on MTV.

The series was filmed by her journalist brother Lagan Sebert and captures two-and-a-half years of bizarre behaviour, including Ke$ha drinking her own urine.

Despite insults about her conduct, Ke$ha is happy she revealed intimate details about her life, pee and all.

"No. I know you want me to say I wish I didn't drink my pee, but I'm happy I did," Ke$ha told MTV News. "I don't go online because it gives me anxiety. I know everyone's always talking about 'How dare I fill-in-the-blank.' [But] It's my pee!"

While Ke$ha premiered her new music video for single Crazy Kids on MTV last week her brother Lagan followed her around with a camera.

She is coy as to whether another documentary style film on her life is currently in the works.

"I don't know MTV; would you guys like a second season?" she laughed. "We have so much amazing footage that didn't make it, you don't understand. [Lagan] followed me around for two-and-a-half years ... There was one moment after a show I played, where I hit some guy in the eyeball with a piece of cauliflower. We just don't have enough hours to show all of it."

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