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Ke$ha wants to judge on The Voice

Ke$ha would gladly try her hand at being an expert contributor to a show like The Voice when her schedule slows down.

The singer revealed that she would enjoying being a panellist on a singing television talent show at some point in her career.

However she is currently extremely busy touring the globe with her new music.

"One day I would love to do something like that but right now I'm travelling the world and playing my new record, which I thoroughly enjoy," she told MTV News. "But when I'm done with that then maybe yeah, sure."

Her latest single Crazy Kids features the vocals of Black Eyed Peas frontman

Ke$ha added that she would be a "pretty honest" expert however wouldn't be "too bitchy to anybody.

The pop star revealed plans to work with the “amazing” Will again soon and shared that she had been texting rapper-turned-reggae artist Snoop Lion.

However she wouldn’t disclose what the pair had been discussing in their mobile phone conversations.

"Just stuff that I can't tell you," she teased.

Ke$ha was happy to express her intentions to follow in the footsteps of divas though.

She joked that she planned on incorporating more sexy dance routines into her act after being inspired by Jay-Z’s wife.

"I think you can expect more of the same but hopefully also some fierceness you've never seen from me I've been taking notes from like Beyoncé,” she said. "I'm going to be shaking my a*s."

The 26-year-old was left mortified earlier that day after One Direction’s Harry Styles heard her gushing over him.

She told BBC Radio 1 that she would give him a “ten out of ten” in looks.

Following her speech, Ke$ha was informed the curly-haired lothario had been listening in on a secret phone line.

"I'm really sorry. This is super embarrassing," she squirmed.

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