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Ke$ha's new album 'vulnerable'

Ke$ha has revealed that the tunes on her new record are "more personal" than ever.

The Tik Tok pop star is currently finishing up tracks with producer Dr. Luke on her as yet untitled upcoming album.

Ke$ha, who is known for producing fun and infectious pop songs, is taking a markedly different approach with her new works.

"The first two records talked more about partying, which is a great, magical part of life. But some songs on the new record are more personal and vulnerable," she said in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

"And you can hear more of the music I listen to when I'm lying in my bed. I'm not claiming that it's a rock record, but as long as it's f**king good, you can call it whatever you want.

"I want it to be a mix of what works on the radio and what I listen to in my spare time. I'm on a steady diet of T. Rex and Iggy Pop."

Ke$ha is really dedicated to creating musical masterpieces on this album.

"About 90 percent of the time, I don't give a f**k. But I give so many f**ks about this album," she explained. "Some people weren't sure if I could sing. On this record, I said 'Let's leave the tricks to a minimum and let me wail.' "

Ke$ha's new LP is slated for release later on this year.

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