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Keira cancels Broadway show due to injury

Keira Knightley’s Broadway show faced more problems on Wednesday night (07Oct15) when a minor injury to the actress caused her to pull out of the production.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Keira Knightley’s Broadway show was cancelled on Wednesday night (07Oct 15) when she suffered an injury.

The British star is currently appearing in Thérèse Raquin in New York City, which is currently in the previews stage of production.

However, in a statement, the Roundabout Theatre Company revealed that the latest evening performance had to be postponed.

Little has been revealed about Keira’s injury apart from the fact that it’s “minor” and the actress is expected to be well enough to perform in Thursday night’s show.

Keira’s show has been inundated with problems since the previews began last Thursday (01Oct15).

The first performance had only been going for 15 minutes when Landon Rust, 29, began shouting at Keira from a mezzanine. He apparently asked the 30-year-old star to marry him and begged for a response, with Keira and her cast mates managing to ignore him.

As well as proposing, Landon threw flowers at Keira as she was performing at the Studio 54 theatre on West 54th Street.

Since then, it has been claimed that Keira has filed harassment documents against the fan because the incident shook her up so much.

It is suggested that Landon screamed he and Keira “are going to be in heaven together”, which is what upset the actress profoundly.

“She was scared. She wanted to document the incident to start a paper trail in case this guy turns into a stalker,” a law enforcement insider told the publication of Keira’s harassment filing, which happened on 2 October.

“If he starts following her around and showing up where she is, then she can get an order of protection against him, but only with a paper trail.”

Security were quick to react to the disturbance too, with Landon removed from the play – although he did manage to get free at one point. When he was eventually detained, he was put in handcuffs and taken to a hospital after saying he felt unwell. At some point he received a misdemeanour harassment summons too.

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