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Keira Knightley: Women are not equal

Keira Knightley says the notion there is equality between the sexes is "ridiculous".

The actress portrays the title character in the movie Anna Karenina, about a woman who has to deal with being shunned after she has an affair.

The film is based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, which was published in the 1870s. Although it is more than 100 years old, Keira insists many of the themes still ring true today.

"If you get a divorce, you're not going to necessarily lose your children or be ostracised by society, but it is much more likely that the woman will be dragged over the coals than the man," she told Teen Vogue. "The woman will be held morally accountable. The idea that there is complete equality is ridiculous - we've only had the right to vote for less than a hundred years. You see it in celebrity culture all of the time. People want women in some way shamed by their sexuality."

Keira first read the book when she was a teenager and then went through it again when she won the role. The second time around she noticed all the intricacies of the character and was surprised by how much darker she seemed.

The 27-year-old star began to think about how relevant the story is today, largely because it is a tale of struggle. Although she is happily engaged to musician James Righton, Keira knows what it's like to go through romantic hardships.

"The feeling of being trapped in a relationship is one that we've all felt. Not necessarily in relationships, but also in schools that we don't like, or financial or medical situations that are difficult. That feeling of being trapped is one that I think everybody relates to," she said.

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