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Keira Knightley: Women need privacy

Keira Knightley says it doesn't "make sense" that she can't buy tampons without being followed.

The British actress has struggled living in the public spotlight after appearing in hit films such as Pride & Prejudice and Pirates of the Caribbean. Keira wishes she could perform routine tasks in peace and finds it frustrating that movie stars attract so much more attention than other famous faces.

"I honestly don't think that if a model is in an advertising campaign then she shouldn't be allowed to walk down the street feeling safe and that if an actress' picture is on a billboard that she shouldn't be able to go and buy tampons without being followed. I don't think that makes sense," she told the latest issue of Empire. "It's amazing how many times you can go to a hairdresser and someone will show you an article saying you're an ugly, anorexic, talentless b***h and say, 'Isn't this amazing?' So you do become aware of things, but I stopped looking at about 19 or 20."

Keira has avoided appearing in blockbuster movies since the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because the attention became too much. The 27-year-old felt too afraid to leave her house as she was constantly followed by paparazzi.

The Oscar-nominated star also says the interest in her personal life had a negative impact on her loved ones.

"It was 24/7. I got to a point where I literally wouldn't leave the house. Horrible. So it comes to a point where you think, 'What kind of film can I make that will allow me to live a proper life?' And those tentpole movies make it difficult," she explained. "They started getting very verbally abusive, towards any guy I was with, to try to get a reaction. The money for those pictures went so crazy that it became dangerous, being followed down the street or in a car, and not being able to go anywhere without my dad, brother or boyfriend. I thought, 'I'm a woman and I can't go out alone.' It felt ridiculous. So I was out."

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