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Keira's midlife crisis

Keira Knightley feels like she's already had a midlife crisis and "goes nuts" every day.

The 28-year-old actress went as far as to say she "goes nuts" on a daily basis, and sometimes doubts what's she's doing.

Her confession is a long way from the characters she portrays on screen. Currently starring in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the British beauty plays Cathy Muller, the sexy girlfriend to Chris Pine's Jack Ryan.

"I had my midlife crisis, I mean, when I was ten, 20, and also now that I'm 28. Actually, I go nuts every single day. I ask myself: 'What the hell am I doing here? What will my next step be? Am I sure this is the right way?'

"I think it's the same for everybody, especially nowadays. The younger generations are divided: some try to overcome the obstacles imposed by the financial and cultural crisis, others try to remain comfortable watching telly on the sofa," she admitted to Italian publication La Repubblica.

Keira is also starring in a new movie Laggies and her role as Megan has prompted the actress to question the growing-up process.

Her on screen persona is twenty-something, in a state of permanent adolescence refusing to grow up, which has left Keira musing the changes you make when you do get older.

"Many things in life turn into habits, but there's something that will never change: the answers. We believe that after our 20s or 30s we'll get all the answers that we were waiting for, that we'll be able to articulate wise and coherent thoughts, and that we'll feel we have grown up.

"But it's not like that. Answers won't come at this age either. It's a daily challenge. Megan wonders all the time: 'What will I do? How will I manage?' A series of questions that I don't want to distance myself from. I don't know; this paralysis isn't only Dustin Hoffman's affair in The Graduate. It concerns all of us women," she revealed.

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