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Keith Urban: Nicole silences my self-doubt

Nicole Kidman's "loaded silence" stops husband Keith Urban's negative attitude in its tracks.

Keith still has insecurities, despite his successful country music career. However, the 44-year-old singer says his wife Nicole is always on hand to prevent such pessimistic thoughts.

"Negativity and doubt are always creeping into my life and having to be kept at bay," he told the Australian version of GQ magazine.

"Thankfully, Nic is great at calling me on it, and our marriage is at the stage where she doesn't have to say anything. I hear myself prattling on with negative c**p and her loaded silence shuts me up."

The star's insecurities are highlighted when he's put in front of a camera. Keith admits that photoshoots are something he'd rather avoid.

"Hands down it is the least favourite part of my job," he revealed.

"Give me interviews, travelling on planes, sound-checks and rehearsals, making albums and writing songs, but don't ask me to be a model because even after 25 years of doing this I still don't know where to look or how to hold my chin."

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