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Keke Palmer: Scream Queens grasps generation

Keke Palmer has stopped watching horror movies to avoid potentially manifesting such terror in her own life.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Keke Palmer thinks Scream Queens provides “a really smart look” at the millennial generation.

The 22-year-old actress portrays Zayday Williams on Glee creator Ryan Murphy’s new horror-comedy TV series.

And Keke believes Scream Queens delivers unique and entertaining insight into modern culture.

“It’s a really smart look at our generation. I’m all about our generation and the emotions of the millennials, and Ryan has a great grasp on our generation. He has a great way of making light of it and poking fun at it without being disrespectful,” she explained to Variety. “They have a good way of offering an inside look that other people wouldn’t know. If there’s a gay character, you think you know that character, but then you realise these stereotypes and judgments are not real and there’s a lot more depth.

“Emma [Roberts] is playing the rich girl, but she’s more than that. We’ll give you what we assume to be the stereotype, but there’s so much more than that. And I really appreciate that. It’s good to have that on [broadcast] where so any people are going to see it. They’re going to be exposed to so many kinds of people in a way they never have before.”

Keke credits her work with Ryan on Scream Queens as a “dream come true” professionally, as she is able to stretch her talents and abilities in rewarding ways.

But there is one thing she refuses to do in connection with the programme.

“I grew up loving horror films. But I had to step away since I didn’t want all that negative stuff in my psyche,” Keke noted. “I didn’t want to conceptualise those thoughts into my life.”

Scream Queens, which also stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lea Michele, makes its broadcast debut next week.

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