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Kellan Lutz crushing on Jessica Biel

Kellan Lutz has a crush on Jessica Biel.

The Expendables 3 star relished his role as Smilee in the action movie and sees himself as something of a daredevil in real life too. He describes himself as "fearless" and wouldn't think twice about sky-diving - as long as he had the perfect companion.

"Jessica Biel. I think she would have a really fun time with me. It would be fun jumping with her. I don't know her personally, but I would like to. Dammit, Justin [Timberlake, her husband], you beat me to it!" he laughed to British magazine Heat.

The third instalment of the action series sees Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham reprising their roles, with other stars such as Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger also appearing.

Kellan wondered what the set would be like before the cameras started rolling. However, he needn't have worried about having so many big names involved in the project.

"Actually, there were no divas. You kind of get that notion in your head that there is no way that everyone could be this cool, but they were," he said. "For the third time these guys are playing their favourite roles, they're working with their closest friends, for five or six days a week shooting guns - they have got the best jobs. I think that's every action-hero actor's dream role. There was no ego, no competition. We would always heckle each other and try to get the best out of one another."

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