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Kellan Lutz: I’m a coin collector

Kellan Lutz confesses he has a sizeable collection of comic books, coins, dice and other nerdy possessions.

The hunky actor is known for taking on physically demanding roles in movies like Tarzan, The Legend of Hercules and The Expendables 3.

But the 29-year-old confesses he is a complete nerd at heart.

“I had such a large comic book card collection and comic books. I got in trouble for something growing up and my mom confiscated those, so that was a hard one for me,” the star recalled to Collider.

“Now, as funny as it is, I collect dice and I collect coins. I collect magnets as well. But dice and coins, I’ve just always been a coin collector, ever since my grandfather had some ancient coins that he passed down to me, it’s just always been something.”

Kellan stars alongside action movie legends like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Wesley Snipes and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables 3, which will be released in theatres this summer.

The young thespian bonded with his heroes on set and he developed a particularly strong relationship with Mel.

“[In] this movie I got to work with so many actors who I’ve been a huge fan of and Mel’s at the top of that list. To sit with him, he’s just one of the guys,” Kellan said.

“He would just sit with us in our chairs and I’d ask him questions because he’s an intellectual and I love having deep conversations. He was just so open with sharing his feelings on life in general. He’d have so much knowledge and understanding of everything that my brain would hurt from trying to perceive everything that he was saying because it was just so full-on of knowledge.”

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