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Kellan Lutz's quirky creations

Kellan Lutz likes to "whip out all the variables of trajectory" when people think he's a dumb hunk.

The 30-year-old actor is known for starring in action movies like The Expendables 3 and modelling, but has other strings to his bow too. He has a number of inventions he's had patented which he enjoys showing people, with the latest his Blackout Bands.

"They're basically sunglasses that you can't see out of. I was on an airplane wearing a sleep mask, and someone took a photo of me [wearing a sleep mask] that wasn't so masculine. I remember Brad Pitt got photographed as well," he told

"So when you travel, or when you're out on the beach or you're really hungover, it just looks like you're wearing sunglasses. These have helped people who have issues with light sensitivity, people who get migraines frequently. It's been amazing. We have professional welders who buy these."

Before he found fame Kellan studied chemical engineering at college, something which surprises many. He's been pigeonholed as a hulking beefcake thanks to his action roles and muscly physique, and he has no problem with that as it's fun to surprise people with his knowledge.

"If I get people to believe that I'm this air-headed, unintelligent beefcake, I must be doing a good job. But I know myself: I'm intellectual. I'm intelligent. I have a massive passion for science, mathematics, and writing," he said, before explaining why he loves hosting new TV game show Bullseye - which sees people use their bodies as darts.

"I get to talk a lot about physics and when contestants ask me about, you know, 'When do I jump?' I can whip out all the variables of trajectory and velocity of speed."

That's not to say Kellan is all geek; he loves high velocity pursuits too. The scariest thing he's ever done was scuba diving, which was terrifying because he and his pals didn't think things through properly. They decided to race to see who could get to the bottom of the sea first, but began passing out as they didn't know how to equalise.

The star also touched on work, admitting he was desperate to star alongside Kristen Stewart in her movie Still Alice. The pair are pals thanks to their time working alongside each other on the Twilight franchise, but sadly his efforts for preferential treatment didn't work out.

"I wanted that role of the brother so bad..." he recalled. "Brilliant script. Everyone killed it. I mean, what a great movie. I read the script and I was like, 'I want this.' I even hit Kristen up and was like, 'Put in a good word!'"

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