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Kelly Clarkson doesn't show off her award wins

Kelly Clarkson likes having her awards at home as it reminds her she's accomplished something.

The 32-year-old singer has received many gongs over the years, including three Grammys and multiple Billboards and AMAs. She is proud of what she's achieved but doesn't want to look self-obsessed, so stores the accolades where her friends are unlikely to see them.

"I want to be proud of them, so I have them up, but I have them on the fourth floor, which is basically like an attic in our house. I don't want people knowing they're there and you're going in my house like, 'Here's my award!' I just feel like that's super-cheesy, so I keep them up, but just where no one can see them. But I know they're there and that I've accomplished something," she laughed to British magazine Heat.

As well as being lauded in her own right, Kelly has also written tracks for other artists. One Direction recorded her song Tell Me A Lie, although when that was initially suggested Kelly wasn't sure. She hadn't heard of the British boyband so went on YouTube to check them out, as she had to be sure they "didn't suck".

She may be enjoying a stellar period in her career, but things are also good on the home front. The star and her husband Brandon Blackstock are parents to daughter River who was born last June, plus Brandon has two other children.

Becoming a mother has enriched Kelly's life and changed it a lot too. For one thing she doesn't get drunk anymore, although she explained how people know when she does.

"You can tell because my eyes get real squinty and I laugh a lot," she explained, before being asked if chardonnay is still on her rider.

"It's pinot noir now. I'm not a real white wine drinker any more. I'm more of a red drinker, which can be rough since your teeth get stained and I have, like, purple teeth when I'm on stage. It's not very becoming."

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