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Kelly O: Sidibe is everything

Kelly Osbourne has blogged her support for Gabourey Sidibe, after the actress gave an inspiring and honest speech.

The violet-haired star took to her blog and crowned Gabourey her Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW), citing a recent speech the Precious actress gave as the reason behind the shout out.

“My #WCW this week goes to Gabourey Sidibe. She recently gave a speech on confidence during the Gloria Awards and Gala. I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE! Her attitude is everything (sic),” Kelly posted on her website.

She went on to post some of the speech “highlights”, which included Gabourey talking openly about her body battles and insecurities.

The star was among a number of famous faces who spoke at the Gloria Awards and Gala, held in New York City, earlier this month. Chelsea Handler and comedian Amy Schumer also addressed the crowds, but it was Gabourey’s unflinching account that moved people the most.

“I got the message [when I was young] that I wasn’t pretty, and I probably wasn’t normal, but I was smart. Why wouldn’t they just say that? ‘You’re smart.’ It’s actually not that hard. My dad would yell at my brother, ‘Gabourey does her homework by herself! Why can’t you?’ But he never said to me, ‘Good job’,” she said.

"What he did say was, ‘You need to lose weight so I can be proud of you.’ And my response was always to eat more, because nothing says, ‘You hurt my feelings. F**k you!’ like eating a delicious cookie. Cookies never hurt me.”

Kelly often uses her blog to share the people she finds inspiring with fans. Earlier this week she took time to congratulate her dad, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, for winning a sobriety award.

Ozzy has had a highly publicised battle with drink and drugs, but is now enjoying a sober way of life.

“Whoever would have guessed that my father would win an award for sobriety? As his daughter who has faced similar struggles, I could not be more proud of the man that my father is today. My father was honored with the Stevie Ray Vaughan award (in all honestly I was so proud I had to fight back the tears). I am so grateful to all of my father’s friends and colleagues who came to celebrate such an incredible milestone in his life (sic),” Kelly gushed.

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