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Kelly O slams ‘female toilet etiquette’

Kelly Osbourne is appalled by women’s public toilets and she no longer uses them due to their unsanitary conditions.

The 29-year-old Fashion Police star took to her website on Tuesday to chide females on their abuse of shared bathroom facilities.

Kelly feels uncomfortable when she has to pee in these communal areas, because the entire event ends up being an awkward and unclean ordeal.

“Listen up ladies… it’s time to have a come to Jesus moment on our public toilet etiquette or should I say lack there of?” she wrote to fans.

“It’s no secret that we women have an unspoken means of communication while in these lets just say… female power rooms.(sic)”

The daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne then went on to detail her view on how constrained women are in community bathrooms.

Kelly believes it is just fine to fully express oneself while relieving bodily excrement.

“Whether we give them a ‘I’m just waiting for my friend’ eye or the ‘just here to wash my hands’ look, a word is barely spoken,” she described.

“I will even go so far as to say that the smallest giggle is hardly ever cracked when the girl in the stall next to you fuffs. (A Fuff is the kind of fart us Germaphobeic women do when we are doing an American Football like squat over the toilet while praying to god that we don’t touch anything in the stall… hope you like the mental visual.)”

From now on, Kelly has banned herself from entering female toilets.

“Recently I have taken to using the Male facilities because they are sadly cleaner,” she shared.

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