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Kelly O: Women be strong

Kelly Osbourne has celebrated the life of Queen Elizabeth I on her website.

The 29-year-old star has set up her own website, where she discusses things she cares about in an array of blog posts.

Her latest entry celebrates strong women, in particular a royal lady she admires.

"A bit of an important history lesson today! Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorites amongst the independent spirits. Strong, fierce and in control. Today makes the 411th anniversary of her majesty’s death. Queen Elizabeth was WITHOUT A DOUBT a legendary heroine and powerful ruler," she writes.

"As queen, her status and crown was recognized in both high honors across both the church and government. She was a proud supporter of the arts and many important figures in literature (William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe to name a few) and under her reign, England prospered dramatically. I will forever root for women who KICK ASS. (sic)"

Kelly is known for her work on E!'s Fashion Police, where she scrutinises the style of some of the biggest celebrities.

She included pictures of jewellery and clothing worn by Queen Elizabeth I and marvelled at the time and effort that went into every piece.

"A remarkable queen behind the Golden Age of England!! Let’s celebrate her life TODAY by looking back at some of her portraits, letters, jewelry and dresses!!!" she continued.

"Im already drooling over the craftsmanship that must have gone into each garment! (sic)"

While Kelly may be celebrating inspirational females, she's taking some time off from men.

The star broke off her engagement to Matthew Mosshart at the beginning of the year and isn't looking for love right now.

"I plan on being single for a very, very long time. No, I don’t think it’s possible for someone to sweep me off my feet right now. I’m really enjoying my life," she smiled to MailOnline recently.

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