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Kelly Osbourne goes green

Kelly Osbourne wants everyone to lead a greener life, and has shared some tips on how to be more environmentally friendly.

Kelly, the daughter of rock royalty Ozzy Osbourne, appears to be on a mission to help the environment.

Taking to her website, Kelly celebrated Earth Day by giving her fans a few tips on how to go green. She even suggested that a selfie taken in the great outdoors could help you feel good about yourself.

"TODAY’S THE BEST DAY to get your green on. IN FACT, let’s do it all week. Ride a bike sometimes and enjoy the fresh air. Go to a farmer’s market and be sure to bring your own canvas tote. TAKE A SELFIE enjoying nature :) (sic)," Kelly posted.

"Do a park clean-up. If you’re still in the ARTS AND CRAFTS mood from Easter, here’s an idea for some crafty activities .… Take some leftover egg cartons and paint them and make yourself some DIY flower pots. In a baking mood? I’m LOVING these Earth Day-themed desserts too. HAVE A GREAT DAY, loveessss!! xoxo (sic)."

Above her uplifting post, Kelly also added an array of colourful pictures. One showed a tray of blue and green cupcakes, reminiscent of the globe.

While the Fashion Police presenter enjoys living her environmentally friendly lifestyle, she proved that there's no rest for the wicked with a 2am work commitment.

Taking to her Twitter account the violet-haired TV presenter poked fun at the fact she was working while others were partying.

"Driving to the next work destination and all we are seeing is people leaving the bars! At least I have Sid with me! (sic)," Kelly captioned a photo in Instagram of her and pet pooch Sid.

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