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Kelly Osbourne goes purple

Kelly Osbourne has dyed her hair a brighter shade of purple following jibes about the colour of her locks.

The singer has taken to her Twitter account to reveal the changes her hairdresser Judd Minter has made to her tresses. It comes after followers lashed out at the 27-year-old star over her lavender hair.

"This is the color my hair is about to be! @juddminter is the best! (sic)," wrote on Twitter alongside a picture of a bowl of purple hair dye.

Her post was followed by a response from a fan who suggested the star's locks might fall out because she is dying it all the time. But Kelly insists she has plenty of hair left. "@Summertime79 i wish some of it would! i have so much hair it takes over an hour just to apply the dye!," Kelly told the concerned follower.

Earlier Kelly hit back at a fan for mocking her style. The Twitter user asked why her fellow Fashion Police co-host Joan Rivers had not told her to make her hair a different shade.

"@MissKellyO when are you gonna change that god awful ugly ass hair color? It's not flattering. Why hasn't Joan rivers slapped u yet? (sic)," the fan wrote to which Kelly responded "@Lostkeysintro Most likely never just to spite d****e bags like you! I like it and so does @Joan_Rivers so guess what you can F**K OFF!"

Joan Rivers later paid tribute to Kelly's look by posting a photograph on Twitter of her own new hair style. The photograph shows Joan's new purple highlights.

"Continuing my homage to @MissKellyO today with a brand new hair color. What do you think? (sic)" she wrote along with the image.

Kelly was touched by Joan's effort. She thanked the talk show host for the moral support.

@Joan_Rivers im soooooooooo honored! i love you joan! (sic)," she tweeted.

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