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Kelly Osbourne: I supported mom's mastectomy

Kelly Osbourne was wholly in favour of her mother Sharon's decision to get breast cancer surgery.

Sharon revealed that she underwent a double mastectomy as a precautionary measure when she learned she had the breast cancer gene a decade ago.

Kelly acknowledges that the operation was momentous.

"There was a lot going on, she did this genealogy testing and it showed that she did have the gene for breast cancer, and because she already had cancer she decided to get rid of it and rebuild them because she did have a breast augmentation," Kelly told Anderson Cooper on an upcoming episode of Anderson Live.

"So she got rid of the 'fun bags' as I call them, and had her boobs done."

Kelly was by her mother's side lending support throughout the ordeal.

Sharon fought colon cancer before and didn't want to face similar sorrow again.

"It was very serious, it was a lot of stitches. I was looking after her when it happened," she said.

"I totally agree with her and why she did it, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are a cancer survivor already."

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