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Kelly Osbourne recalls music gift

Kelly Osbourne's friends once remade one of her music promos as a birthday present.

The TV star has recalled the best present she has ever received. Kelly had expected her birthday to be a disappointment as she was away from home, which made the effort her friends went to even more special.

"I was away working in the middle of nowhere and felt pretty lonely that I wasn't with my mates on my birthday. But one of my best friends Anna did an amazing thing - she sent me a video of her with all my best friends remaking one of my music videos! I was in stitches," she laughed to Look magazine.

Channing Tatum also recalled his favourite birthday. He explained that his wife Jenna Dewan helped make it one to remember.

"A few years ago, I was kind of new to LA and didn't feel like I had many friends there," he recalled. "It was my birthday and I came back from doing something, like grocery shopping, to find every person I knew in LA in my house. My wife had thrown me a surprise birthday party!"

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