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Kelly Osbourne: Rejected kiss burnt my lip

Star Kelly Osbourne has a very blunt approach when it comes to flirting with men.

TV personality Kelly Osbourne was left with a "Charlie Chaplin moustache" after a failed attempt to kiss a guy with a cigarette in his mouth.

The 31-year-old star has had several high-profile relationships, including an engagement to Matthew Mosshart which ended in 2014. She's known for her outspoken nature, as seen on TV programmes such as Fashion Police and Project Runway, and the same tactic applies when it comes to meeting men.

"Well I'm very blunt and I just say you're fit and then I say, 'Get your kit off!'" she grinned to talk show host James Corden. "Or when I was really young I used to do hoping for the best - it's called hoping for the best and I learnt my lesson the worst way. So you're talking to someone for a long time like in a pub and then you're like, 'OK it's time, I can hope for the

best now,' and you just lean forward and if they don't kiss you back you can tell them you fell off your seat. So I did this one time and it ended up with... Let's just call it a Charlie Chaplin moustache because he had a cigarette in his mouth."

Joining her on the sofa was hunky actor Josh Duhamel, who was amused by Kelly's story. The 42-year-old star tied the knot with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie in 2009 after the group appeared on his TV Show Vegas. Josh has spoken about how anxious he was to approach her before, and brought up the story again on James' show.

"I was really nervous," he recalled. "It was like my moment of truth. I laid out my outfit the night before which I'd never done in my life. So it was a big build up when I finally got to talk to her and all I could say was, 'You're hot.'"

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