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Kelly Osbourne slams tabloids

Kelly Osbourne says tabloid editors want celebrities to look as bad as possible.

The 29-year-old television personality is often pictured in the pages of celebrity rags but she's fuming about how awful even the most beautiful people seem to look.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Kelly said she's convinced it's because of malicious editors too concerned with sales.

"What is this #NewOldTrend w/ tabloids air brushing pictures to look worse?" she asked her nearly 3.5 million followers.

"Its so 80's of them! #NoOneIsPerfect!" she continued.

Kelly's mood soon became much more upbeat.

Minutes later she asked her fans to join her in a game, sharing the words that most get under their skin.

"Lets play a game #WordsThatDriveYouNuts ok here is a good one 'moist.' Moist is a awful word! Just say it. Moist! AHHHHHHHH!!! YOUR TURN!" she mused.

After a few followers chimed in, the outspoken star admitted to another, possibly turning the stomachs of those who don't share her love of potty humour.

"the word 'Plop" gets me every time. If anyone uses the word 'plop' I instantly envision them taking a poo its a conversation killer!" Kelly wrote (sic).

The Fashion Police star had earlier upset users on the social media site by asking a more controversial question.

"this is a genuine question as ignorant as it may seem but. can you even be an Asian Nazi?" Kelly asked (sic).

The star later insisted she was being "facetious" and encouraged critics to read a blog post scheduled for later in the week, when she plans to explain her inquiry.

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