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Kelly Rowland’s deep bond with Destiny’s Child band mates

Kelly Rowland has been able to stay grounded despite her success thanks to her family being “all truth”.

Singer Kelly Rowland’s “beautiful relationship” with Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams runs much deeper than their band Destiny’s Child.

The women experienced worldwide success with the girl group, scoring huge hits including Independent Women, Bootylicious and Lose My Breath, but Kelly believes they achieved so much because of the strong friendship that underlined the music. Despite disbanding in 2006, the women remain close and have never felt any rivalry in their subsequent solo projects, unlike many other girl bands that have gone before them.

“You know what, it’s really how we interact with each other and the bond that we have, and that’s what’s most important to us,” Kelly told Fox News. “We’ve been able to carry that in our lives. You know what I mean? Michelle was right there when my son was born. B (Beyoncé) was right there when my son was born and the same vice versa, so it’s just really a beautiful relationship that we have, and it’s deeper than Destiny’s Child.”

The 34 year old found fame with the group when she was a teenager and while many current young pop stars have struggled with being in the media spotlight, Kelly has always been able to remain grounded. Her friendship with her band mates helped achieve this, as did the support and no nonsense attitude of her nearest and dearest.

“I have a great circle of people around me, I must say, who don’t play, in complete honesty,” she added. “My family, my friends and I’m just really grateful for them all. They completely keep it 100 with me. It’s all truth, all truth and I love that about them. They’re not 'yes' people.”

Now a wife and mother to 11 month old son Titan, Kelly’s priorities have changed and while she still enjoys making music, she warned Destiny’s Child fans that a reunion isn’t on the cards any time soon.

“We haven’t talked about it,” she said. “We haven’t talked about it at all, and it’s just something that hasn’t come up in conversation to be completely honest.”

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